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Key Account Manager

Опыт: От 2-х лет


Due to rapid growth of the company client portfolio that mostly consists of mid to large US and European enterprise organizations, including Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies, VPR Consulting is increasing its account management team and would like to invite Key Account Manager to join the company.

Контактное лицо
Вадим Алькенов

Чем предстоит заниматься

  • Establish and nurture strong long-term relationships with client company and key people on client’s side;
  • Understand client business specifics and how it operates;
  • In collaboration with VRP team and client’s key people identify the potential issues and problems client business is facing to propose solutions to solve them;
  • Create account development plan and strategy;
  • Be responsible for the general client satisfaction and growth in close collaboration with VRP production teams;
  • Resolve ongoing issues and problems;
  • Conduct and coordinate the necessary sales and pre-sales activities, pitching and proposals creation to support account development plan and strategy;
  • Be responsible for profitability and financial efficiency on assigned accounts.

От кандидатов мы ожидаем

  • Fluent English, both written and verbal;
  • Strong communication, negotiation and team collaboration skills;
  • Strong knowledge of IT industry and how the major processes function;
  • 2+ years in account management and/or customer success management;
  • Previous experience with creating and implementing account development plans and strategies.

Мы предлагаем


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